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Or if you’re a fan of the show and only wish to understand what we think of the matches, well you then will not be too mad with my choices.

The development of Mario Kart has taken place over several years emerging on both the handheld and home consoles, and even using gambling attire such as the Wii’s steering wheel that was floating.

The fluctuations have at times been minor, like tweaks to existing stages and the accession of different karts and cups, and at times a great deal more important. Like for example the debut of paragliding capabilities and 2-wheeled vehicles as well as the classic 4-wheeled karts.

Yet throughout it all one thing however has always stayed the same: the most highly entertaining gameplay.

So let us dive in the best Mario Kart matches and look to the very exciting choices on the market.

9. Mario Kart 64

Sitting first in this list(but definitely not a bad match in any respect!)

This first appeared on the Nintendo 64 in 1996 and it was an immediate hit.

First things first: that the nostalgia on this game is large although it’s over 20 years of age. The images were a major step up from the SNES title”Super Mario Kart” which came out 4 years before, but MK64 helped to bring the franchise to what we know it today.

Along with also the 3D aesthetic helped to make the game really pop — particularly those backgrounds of all the tracks.

Thus far so good, right?

You might be wondering what prevents this game by accepting a better place on this list.Read about mario karts ds download At website Well for you, the huge expectation and hype surrounding this match following the success of the first meant that its flaws have been very exaggerated and it unfortunately fails to live up to expectations.

Perhaps feeling that the pressure of adhering to the classic Super Mario Kart, Nintendo fell short when it came to creating the AI more intelligent and less clingy. This can be referred to as the rubber band effect, your competitors often remain in closeness to you throughout the race, making getting into initial place pretty tricky.

In MK64 that these are generally underwhelming and uninspired, especially compared with the likes of a few of the more recent names.

Do not get me wrong: this is not a terrible game, but I believe there are a few valid complaints for this title which may make it harder for newer players to play without some of the nostalgia factor.

8. Mario Kart Super Circuit

Next up, the first Mario Kart with this list created solely for handheld hooks (Game Boy Advance to be specific).

Super Circuit is a fun addition to the show and also the first to bring the addictive game in the road with you, nevertheless does fall short in some critical locations. However, there are loads of great things in this sport too!

Coming out at the start of the 21st centurythis game brings into a new age of Mario Kart using a portable travel-friendly edition. Without a doubt Super Circuit was certainly a pioneer of its times.

A few of the positives of the game will be the accession of cup rankings which clearly became regular in every game since, and a few fun multiplayer gameplay if you have friends to play with.

Unfortunately the highest quality of all Super Circuit — the simple fact that it’s about the GBA — is also what finally holds it back.

The not-so-great images make Mario Kart 64 look like a masterpiece. And the sport is generally restricted by being on a handheld console with a screen.

The tracks in this sport are also devoid of any true personality — pub a couple — so it won’t feel as fun as other iterations of this game.

While complete not a terrible game, the first handheld version of the franchise is honestly forgettable and does not hold a candle to several of the others in this list.

7. Mario Kart DS

We got Mario Kart DS four decades after the Super Circuit release for GBA (do not worry, the listing isn’t in chronological order because you’ll notice with the next entry).

A definite improvement over the GBA version, and not just simply because the match was on stronger hardware. Mario Kart DS has been a step in the ideal direction for mobile racing games.

The debut of online play struck on the DS for the first time within this franchise and it was a huge plus for this game. Especially considering for the very first time you didn’t need to be in the vicinity of your friends to have a quick game of Mario Kart.

In addition to this revolutionary feature, Mario Kart DS let for its customization of karts so far as you could alter the emblem and unlock fashions with various stats for every character.

Where the game falls short is largely in its own uninspired level design.

Besides the theme — which can get old after a while anyhow — the achievement of the Mario Kart games is based heavily on creative level designs which capture the creativity and provide a great backdrop to the mad, fast-paced racing action.

Although this game has several gems such as Airship Fortress, there are not many other paths that will compel you to continue playing after you have finished the cups a couple of times.

What I really mean is that replayability is negatively affected here. Although to be fair, it truly is an entertaining title. But when you’re competing within the Mario Kart series you truly need to do something special to be noticed.

6. Super Mario Kart

Going back to where it began, we’ve got the timeless classic that is Super Mario Kart for the SNES.

It’d be tough to argue against the game that kicked off this epic collection. It has its own drawbacks in contrast to more recent variations of the game, but this will be anticipated for a title that’s running on 30-year-old hardware.

The simple fact that it may even compete with some of the latest variations of the game is hugely impressive, and a testament to the brilliant work that went into the SNES title.

Noteworthy for its enjoyable battle mode, variety of crazy weapons, and it’s simple to pick up and play with style, Super Mario Kart deserves a whole lot of praise.

Of course, as far as it would be fun to wax lyrical on the timeless game, the pitfalls are made blindingly obvious by recent titles. And while you can definitely make a case for the images and aesthetic nevertheless being fantastic, they pale in comparison to what we have today.

Allowed if you like the old-school retro pixel artwork then you’ll absolutely adore this game. Seriously, grab yourself a SNES Mini because if you enjoy this kind of game then you will be enjoying it a lot.

5. Mario Kart 7

Mario Kart 7 is still the sport that wipes the floor with its underwhelming predecessor (Mario Kart DS) and it still sells fantastically well around the 3DS for this day.

Adding some wonderful new features to the franchise as well as the best Mario Kart game to marvel handheld consoles, Mario Kart 7 is a superb addition to the series.

Building upon the notion of kart customization, this 3DS name let you construct your own kart from scratch which included a new aesthetic dimension to the game.

Gamers really like to personalize, so it was just a matter of time before Nintendo let people get their hands about the karts and manipulate them but they saw fit.

Most notably however, Mario Kart 7 opened the ocean and the air as potential racing arenas from the game.

Before this stage the sea has been always considered out of bounds and then motivated Lakitu to float to you on his small cloud to pull you from harm’s way.

This all changed in MK7 as it allow you to drive underwater in addition to glide gracefully through the air.

The combination of having the ability to choose which hang glider and kart components would give you the best possibility of succeeding, together with being in a position to choose a tactical weapon, also gave this game an edge over many of the previous titles.

I have a feeling that ultimately the gameplay here is a significant element that is lead to its status as the best handheld Mario Kart on the market these days.

4. Mario Kart 8

An incontrovertible improvement on several of the last games in this series, Mario Kart 8 definitely deserves to be one of the finest in the industry.

Bringing the game completely current in today’s age on consoles — such as Mario Kart 7 did for handheld consoles — that the only reason this one doesn’t feature higher is that unlike MK Wii and Double Dash, Mario Kart 8 simply improves on an already winning formula. While this is a welcome upgrade to the show, it does not deviate enough creatively to allow it to stand out from others.

A good way to look at this particular game is it must be(up till the point of its release at 2014) the most striking visually and also the most full of all.

An excellent entry point to the series for any newcomers looking to get to grips with the core mechanisms of the matches while having all of the whistles and bells of the modern creation, Mario Kart 8 is a solid all-round game.

It boasts a massive roster of 30 playable characters, and you’re able to choose a different character every time. And also the ability to completely customize your kart you’ll potentially never select the exact same racing setup twice.

Easy to execute and a joy to encounter.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this modern form of the popular franchise though is your outstanding visuals which shows how far the show has come in the finest possible way.

Other than various other points to matches higher within this listing, I must mention Mario Kart 8 is the most comprehensive experience you can aspire to find for a Mario Kart game, and maybe even any kart racing sport in general.


Moving the series forward significantly and adding a plethora of new gameplay mechanics and visuals, 2008’s Mario Kart: Wii must definitely be given the credit it warrants up the set.

Let us start with the Wii controller compatibility. If I told you pre-2008 which you would be standing in your living area driving around in Mario Kart using a cordless steering wheel, then you would have called me crazy.

But Mario Kart: Wii produced this a reality.

And if this wasn’t enough, the sport introduced bicycles to the series for the very first time. These added a lot additional entertainment value with fresh approaches to take on the levels.

Basically a complete overhaul of the entire series by upgrading virtually every element, Mario Kart: Wii certainly stands out as one of the best games in the franchise.

Not many games up till this stage (Dual Dash excluded) really mixed up the gameplay mechanisms by introducing something entirely fresh and changing the skill level required to compete with all the AI.

Throw in the exceedingly fun levels the game added and you can see why this title glows so bright.


This can be a hugely advanced Mario Kart game which deserves a lot of compliments.

Double Dash was completely accountable for a number of the best Nintendo themed fun with friends minutes had from the kart racing series.

While its position in this listing as number 2 may be controversial to some, I feel it is totally justified as a result of big step from what we believed as the traditional Mario Kart encounter. This match moved us more into the territory of fun co-op game play.

One of many highlights of Double Dash is being the personality around the rear of the group’s kart responsible for dashing into competitions that get to close. It is their job to throw them off their game, or perhaps off a giant cliff if proper.

Even the hilarity — and occasionally, anger — which ensues when your friend accidentally dashed you off the border makes this one a timeless option for get-togethers and parties.

The 2 characters-per-kart mechanic alone isn’t the reason this sport is this outstanding entry to the collection. It’s also due to the way the gameplay revolves around this idea that characters have special items to use against rivals.

Chasing your friends that are out in front with the Chain Chomp is an experience you have to have first-hand to truly appreciate. And on top of this the experience, the kart will in fact be affected realistically based on how big this backseat passenger.

As you might imagine Bowser is not a excellent buddy for producing tight corners, for instance.

Add to all that the high quality rates that you visit here and Dual Dash offers a complete Mario Kart package.


As much as I’d love to give the very best place to one of the very underrated entries to the series, something like Double Dash or MK Wii, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is certainly the very best match for racing around.

Taking everything that has made Mario Kart the hugely successful series it is, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe rolls them up into one tremendously enjoyable sport.

Sometimes it’s simple to simply give the most recent iteration of a series the title of’best from the show’ due to graphical superiority and superior mechanics. But this sport is actually a bit more fun to play than the setup until the current day, and in part yes it’s from years of developers constantly tweaking mechanisms to get them just right.

Let’s breakdown the gameplay since that is the most important part of the game.

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, gameplay quality isn’t compromised as you’ll notice if you easily slide round corners with an exceptionally responsive drifting. And you’re able to glide through the atmosphere as though you were flying that is just another added feature from after games.

The anti-gravity mechanic which was introduced at the prior name (Mario Kart 8) is enhanced in this game as the levels incorporate new innovative techniques to push on walls, ceilings, and any other good surface you may consider. That’s a significant leap from the original SNES version!

Now gameplay apart, the visuals are gorgeous and truly show off the match in a way no other title has been in a position to.

Flying through the air will make you want to stop and have a look around at the magical surroundings and extremely comprehensive racers and karts. Plus to highlight the astonishing aesthetic of this game are the eye-catching new stages which really include some tricky areas which you wouldn’t think about.

Great music, excellent visuals, and super enjoyable gameplay mechanics. All these add up to a enjoyable encounter either playing with friends. And to me, that is what actually makes a fantastic game.

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