New signing for Youth A of Fútbol Club Barcelona

New signing for Youth A of Fútbol Club Barcelona


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Barca tie up Sao Paulo striker Gustavo Mala

As confirmed by SPORT, the Blaugrana club has already paid a million euros for this 1.68m extreme. Tall. If you want to complete the operation, before next June 30, you will have to pay 3.5 million more, to have 70% of your economic rights, the remaining 30% will continue to belong to the Tricolor Paulista.

Maia is considered one of the jewels of Sao Paulo FC. He joined the youth ranks of the Morumbi team in 2014, when he was only 13 years old, and has trained at the club’s training center in Cotia, one of the most modern in the country. The footballer, who has a contract with Sao Paulo until June 2022, has been international with Seleçao in the U-16 and U-17 categories. 

The young striker is right-handed by origin, but stands out for his quick technique, dribbling and finishing with the same performance as if he were ambidextrous. His versatility in attack allows him to occupy the three natural positions up front, having his best performance as a winger.

It was two seasons since Maia had entered the observation radar of the Blaugrana scouts, who comb the prolific South American market. Its emergence in 2020 and the interest of other great Europeans, mainly from the Premier League, decided Barcelona to seal an operation that, as a whole, will amount to 4.5 million euros.

In January, Maia made a great Sao Paulo Junior Cup, where he scored 3 goals in 7 games and ended up becoming one of the players who most liked the always demanding crooked tricolor, who asked to be promoted to the first team, where he plays, by the way, Dani Alves, the best side in the history of Barcelona.

The Sao Paulo coach, Fernando Díniz, has watched Maia closely in recent months and has already called him up for a match in the Paulista Championship. Now the final step of making his professional debut is missing.


The executive manager of Sao Paulo FC, Alexandre Pássaro, explained in an exclusive interview with ESPN Brazil what are the details of the agreement reached with Barça. “We sell the purchase option for 5 million reais (1 million euros) so that Barcelona can buy it in the middle of the year, if they want, with a fixed value totaling about 25 million reais (about 4, 5 million euros) ”, he stated and remarked that“ we have only sold one option, if Barcelona does not exercise it until June 30, we are going to win that first value ”.

The Tricolor executive stressed that “the operation has no reflection on the club, it is more one of those modalities in which we seek to try to get money without necessarily losing the player at that moment.”

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Initially, Barcelona had to pay one million euros on Wednesday of this week, but Sao Paulo was informed that there would be a delay due to the different adjustments that are being made, since some of the income that Barça would have UEFA have also been postponed for a few days. 

New signing for Youth A of Fútbol Club Barcelona. Cameroonian Frank Angong is already exercising with his teammates on the Vall de Bas stage and, as SPORT has learned, he will be the second reinforcement for Franc Artiga after the incorporation of Fabian Luzzi (Rayo).


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Barça have completed the signing of Cameroonian youngster Frank Angong

Angong arrives to provide muscle to the center of the Juvenil A field. From the position of the defensive pivot, the Cameroonian will rest Álex Rico, who should be the starter in that position, and will provide a physical point that a very young. In principle he was on trial but in the first training sessions he is convincing and his continuity in the Barça team is already taken for granted.

Xavi: "I don’t think now is the time to go back to Barça"

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Angong is mentored by Albert Benaiges, a benchmark in Barça’s grassroots football after 20 years as coach and coordinator at La Masia. For this reason, Angong’s last team before joining Barça is Cibao FC, a team from the Dominican Republic where Albert Benaiges was a few years ago. In 2018, Benaiges signed for Andrés Iniesta’s Vissel Kobe and took with him Francky Angong, Frank’s brother and who this summer has signed for Levante. For his part, Frank, who was at the Eto’o Foundation and was a member of Cornellà as a youngster, stayed at Cibao FC and is now testing with Barça although his incorporation is already taken for granted. Benaiges will surely help him in his new stage at Barça.

More message of support for Barcelona B after staying at the gates of promotion to LaLiga SmartBank. Messages that want to give value to the campaign that the young players of García Pimienta have signed. From the club, in the last hours the manager Xavi Vilajoana and the technical secretary of the subsidiary, José Mari Bakero, have spoken on social networks.


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The first, on his Instagram account, has not hesitated to congratulate the team. "We are Barça and the best is expected, but this time it could not be. Despite the fact that they have fallen in the most important game, we can only congratulate you for your great work and impeccable attitude, congratulating all the players who have worked very hard throughout the season despite the difficulties that accompany us during this time. A young team that has fought against much more mature rivals, congratulate the coaching staff who have worked tirelessly to form a strong and united team. We have stayed at the gates, but your journey has been a triumph".

For his part, the Barça B technical secretary wrote on Twitter: "Grateful to the structure of the club at the service of Barça B, managers, sports management, medical and physical area, nutritionists, communication, logistics, García Pimienta, his team and players. This is the way. Thanks to all" is the message of José Mari Bakero.

Reinforcement Gustavo Maia

This will be the new Barça B

Grateful to the structure of the club at the service of Barça B, managers, sports management, medical and physical area, nutritionists, communication, logistics, García Pimienta, his team and players. This is the way. Thank you all.

– Jose Mari Bakero (@jmbakero) July 28, 2020

This Friday a bomb exploded that had been practically consumed for several days with the announcement of the Royal Spanish Football Federation of a meeting to debate whether the competitions that are under its mantle should begin.


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Coronavirus National Futsal League

The issue had been very hot since the end of July, first with the suspension of Portugalete-Sestao from the promotion phase to Second B of soccer due to a positive in the environment of a Portuguese-Portuguese player. 

The other strong point has been the scandal that has surrounded Deportivo-Fuenlabrada that will finally be played this Friday after a host of nonsense in all levels of Spanish football.

And last week the matches of the Additional Phase of Promotion to Third Division that should have been played in Las Rozas were suspended due to several positives within CD Marino.

In parallel, the futsal teams of the first two categories, including FC Barcelona, ​​have returned to training without the existence of an action protocol if they emerge positive for coronavirus in the teams or in their environment.

The Additional Phase of Promotion to Third Suspended by the coronavirus

This led the clubs that remain loyal to the LNFS, the vast majority, to demand this protocol from the RFEF and even hint at a possible employer strike in the face of so much lack of control.

The first reaction of the Spanish Federation touched on the phantasmagoric, suspending all pre-season friendlies without forgetting that the course will begin on September 5 after the RFEF itself ignored the voices of the clubs asking to delay that date. Women’s football is in the same vague situation.

Finally, this Friday the RFEF has had a lucid detail and has decided to take the bull by the horns, announcing a meeting for Monday with the Territorials to debate whether it makes sense to start the season in an increasingly worrying situation with the Covid-19.

He has done it through a note from which the most possible option is extracted that men’s football from Second B, women’s football and futsal cannot start the competition until further notice.

Therefore, all football teams from Barça B, Barça women’s and all futsal including the aforementioned first team would be affected at the Blaugrana level.

RFEF statement

"The Royal Spanish Football Federation, in agreement with the Spanish sports federations of team sports called by the Spanish Olympic Committee and under the latest decisions of the International Federations such as UEFA and FIFA, understands that, given the evolution of Due to the pandemic situation in recent weeks and especially in recent days in the country as a whole, a joint reflection on the origin of starting the new sports season with sufficient sanitary and legal guarantees for all athletes, clubs and federations is essential, given that at the moment the conditions have changed in relation to what was foreseen in the previous weeks.