Assistance in the selection of counselors and in the organization of transportation will be provided by GAUK “Mosgortur

Assistance in the selection of counselors and in the organization of transportation will be provided by GAUK “Mosgortur

A specially created working group under the SovFed under the leadership of Karelova herself will be engaged in the preparation of amendments. Instructions on changing the legislation were given by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin after the tragedy in the Karelian Syamozero.

The senator noted that some regions, for example the Belgorod region, have already why is hercules a hero essay developed and are using their own standards. And their experience will be taken into account.

In Khimki near Moscow, more than 400 teenagers were able to get a job in the summer, according to the press service of the city administration.

“Luch, the Center for Career Guidance and Psychological Support of Youth, employed about 200 schoolchildren in the first two months of summer. More than 70 young Khimki citizens will start working in August. In total, over the summer period, the center’s employees have employed more than 400 people, ”the message says.

The press service clarifies that schoolchildren work in schools, medical institutions, prosecutors and sports facilities.

In addition, in 2016, schoolchildren were hired for the first time at the Khimki police station, where they work in archives and keep records.

“This type of interaction with young people is very useful for all its participants. The teenagers provide the police officers with valuable assistance, and they, in turn, instill in the children labor skills, ”said the acting head of the ORLS UMVD for the city of Fr. Khimki, captain of the internal service Natalya Radina. 

The Luch Center began accepting applications for employment of schoolchildren in the winter. Both students themselves and their parents could apply. 

The press service clarifies that the salary for schoolchildren is about 7 thousand rubles a month.

“The registration of children takes place officially through the Luch vocational guidance center. We accept minors between the ages of 14 and 18. The working day lasts four hours, Saturday and Sunday are days off, ”said Yekaterina Denisova, deputy director of the Luch career guidance and psychological support center for youth.

Earlier, Olga Zabralova, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region, said that almost 13,000 teenagers were temporarily employed in the Moscow Region during the summer holidays.

According to her, the employment of teenagers is strictly regulated by labor legislation. Shorter working hours are provided for teenagers. Children 14-16 years old can work no more than 24 hours a week, 16-18 years old – no more than 35 hours a week.

Zabralova noted that in 2016 almost 28 million rubles were allocated from the regional budget for material support to temporarily working adolescents.

More than 40 schoolchildren near Moscow will have a rest in the International Children’s Center “Artek” in the second half of July, the press service of the Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region reports. 

“Forty-five schoolchildren from the Moscow Region take part in the eighth shift at Artek. The shift will last from July 15 to August 4, ”the message says. 

The department notes that schoolchildren who have achieved success in sports, culture and science, as well as the winners of the Olympiads, received vouchers. 

Children from Volokolamsky, Lukhovitsky, Noginsky, Solnechnogorsky, Shchelkovsky districts and urban districts Zvenigorod, Lytkarino, Fryazino, Chernogolovka went to “Artek”.

In Moscow, more than 1,000 police officers ensure the safety of the rest of 20 thousand children during the summer holidays, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the capital reports. 

“This year, 228 health, sports and daytime camps have opened their doors for children on the basis of city educational institutions, family centers and social protection of the population,” the statement said. 

The areas of children’s camps are constantly patrolled by police officers. They also inspect vehicles carrying children, check access roads and travel routes. 

In addition, police officers conduct discussions with children about the rules of safe behavior in the city, on the streets, roads and water bodies. 

“The police are monitoring the security of the camp territory, accompanying transport with children when traveling on excursions,” the message says. 

The juvenile affairs officers pay special attention to children in difficult life situations and socially dangerous situations.

Rospotrebnadzor has prepared a draft change in the sanitary and hygienic requirements for children’s camps, which will enter into force next year. This was reported by the Izvestia newspaper.

The reason for these changes was the results of the hotline for the prevention of violations in the organization of summer children’s recreation. The research was organized by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation. According to the OP, the most complaints were about unsanitary conditions (21%).

Also, at the request of Rospotrebnadzor from the beginning of 2017, conditions for disabled children should be provided in the camps. Additional points in the document: anti-mite treatment of camp areas and a set of measures to combat rodents and insects.

According to those who contacted the hotline, the worst camps are in the Pskov and Rostov regions, and the best in the Tver region and Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Children with disabilities from the rehabilitation center for disabled children in Khimki near Moscow will spend 10 summer days in Anapa, the press service of the city district administration reports.

“Pupils of the Vera rehabilitation center for children with disabilities in Khimki will spend their summer holidays on the Black Sea coast. Within 10 days, 16 children with disabilities and their family members will spend their summer holidays at the Solnechny Bereg boarding house in Anapa, ”the report says.

The press service clarifies that special treatment programs and restorative techniques have been prepared for the children in the boarding house. 

“Children of the“ Vera ”center need full quality rest, which will have a positive effect on their physical and psychological health. If the children and parents are satisfied with the rest, we will try to hold such actions annually, ”said Khanoglan Aliyev, deputy of the council of deputies of the city district of Khimki.

In Moscow, 7 thousand additional preferential vouchers have been purchased for the rest of children from seven to 17 years old, the press service of the GAUK Mosgortur reports. 

The vouchers were purchased at the expense of the federal budget of the Russian Federation.

They are allocated for the third and fourth shifts, previously in the camps of the Crimea and Sevastopol, Krasnodar Territory, in the cities of central Russia and the Moscow region.

“The Russian government has allocated funds for the purchase of additional vouchers to children’s camps, we help to train counselors and provide a transfer. Despite the fact that there is not a lot of time for organizing recreation, Mosgortur specialists will check all the recreation centers that have won the competition before the arrival of the children, ”said Vasily Ovchinnikov, general director of Mosgortur.

Assistance in the selection of counselors and in the organization of transportation will be provided by GAUK “Mosgortur”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to determine by August 1, 2016 a body regulating the organization of children’s recreation.

“To determine the federal executive body responsible for the development and implementation of state policy and legal regulation in the field of recreation and rehabilitation of children,” – stated in a document published on the Kremlin website. 

By April 1, 2017, a professional standard in this area should be developed – the President assigned the responsibility for the execution of this order to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. 

The President also instructed to consider the issue of introducing amendments to the legislation, providing for “the inclusion of activities related to the organization of recreation and health improvement of children in the list of activities for which a license is required,” the message says.

This order must be completed by November 1, 2016. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to consider introducing a number of important amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation concerning children’s recreation, including the obligatory life and health insurance of children during their stay in health camps. 

The corresponding document was published on the Kremlin website. 

In addition, the President of the Russian Federation instructed to introduce “public control over the organization and conduct of recreation and health improvement of children”, – stated in the document. 

Until November 1, 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers should also work out the issue of compulsory licensing of organizations involved in children’s recreation.

As part of the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Service of the National Guard will have to develop and implement “a set of additional measures aimed at ensuring the anti-terrorist protection of children’s recreation areas,” the Kremlin’s website says.